I started this blog when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28.  Writing about my experience surviving cancer helped me get through the most challenging time in my life.  I hope I have also helped others be more aware of breast cancer issues, whether they are fellow patients, caregivers, doctors, or even just random people.  This blog was a way for me to express the alien juxtaposition of sorrow, loss and fear that I felt with a newfound ability to truly be present, vibrant, alive and grateful.  I hope others can gain from the lesson I was taught the hard way through my words and stories.


One thought on “About

  1. Hey Alona!

    My fiancé and I are the ones who found “Teddy Bear” in Big Bear! We have your mom’s number, but the person on the other end said it was a wrong number. We would really love to know how he is doing, so if you get this soon, can you please let me know? Thanks so much…my number is 631.678.2161.

    Also, oddly enough, my fiancé was just diagnosed with breast cancer at 30 years of age. Reading your blog has been very comforting, so thank you for sharing your story and your triumph!

    We hope Bear is doing well, and that we hear from you soon. Thanks!!!

    Ps-sorry for posting this on your blog…we didn’t know how else we could get a hold of you guys!

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